Email Statements are the best way to get customers to review and pay outstanding bills quickly, easily and hassle free.   The three most valued priorities for a business are quality products and services, excellent customer service and consistent cash flow. Often times businesses find themselves operating with very high accounts receivable which impacts its ability to sustain the operation.  In turn, customers or members are bombarded with bills that either get lost or forgotten about when there isn’t an easy, secure way to make payments.   Issues also arise when businesses or organizations do offer payment by credit card but only by means of writing down sensitive credit card information on a piece of paper to mail in (See our post about PCI compliancy  to learn about keeping customers or members sensitive information safe from fraud or identity theft).

PayQuiq’s Email Statement services enable businesses to email statements to customers that can be reviewed, adjusted and paid from the convenience of any mobile device or computer using credit cards or electronic checks.  PayQuiq Email Statements enable businesses to extract customer account data from accounting systems and upload that data in to the PayQuiq database which then automatically organizes a list of interactive online statements that are emailed with the click of a button.  Customers will receive a link to their statement that can be modified and either paid off in full using Credit Card or Electronic Checks (ACH) or optionally set up to be paid over a period of time with automatic recurring payments.   In addition, there are options to add fields to enable customers to pay for or sign up for future events or services.  Received payments are organized in reports that can be exported to Excel for modification and review prior to posting back into your accounting system.

Email Statements offer convenience and peace of mind to customers, increase cash flow and deliver better business practices to you and enable a more efficient way to grow your business.