Hi Everyone!  Q4 is officially upon us which means its time for some re-organizing to help us end this year strong. To help you out we have organized a list of ideas to help jump start your Q4 organizing, PayQuiq style!

  1. Expire Old Forms – Take a look in your forms list to make sure that past events or special offers have been expired.  Keeping old forms live will clog up your Catalog and make it harder for your users to find the new forms.  You can sort your forms list by “Active” so that all active forms filter to the top.  Remember, even if a form has been expired it will still remain in your forms library so that you can find and copy that form for a future event.
  2. Recycle Recurring Accounts – Take a look in Manage Recurring for any accounts that are close to the final payment.  You can use this information to contact members to see if they would like to set up another round of the same payments. If the member does want to do this you can simply select the button for “recycle payment” and a new recurring payment account will be automatically set up with the same payment details.
  3. Recurring Status – This tip is meant to be used all year long.  Make a note to check on your recurring accounts every week or two to make sure that you don’t have any expired cards or cards with insufficient funds.  If you see any of your accounts with the status label “suspended” or “expired card” you will need to contact that member for new payment information.  As soon as you receive new information, you can edit that members account with the new card or checking account and set the account back to active.
  4. Update to 2017 – Check your forms for any time you are using 2016 in the title or description.  We often times see this used for school registrations, event registrations and standard online payment forms.  Copy and edit those forms to prepare yourself for the new year, as soon as you hit “save” the form will update with the new year.
  5. Copy Events – Use the forms list as an event reminder when creating your event calendar for the new year.    Remember, you can copy old forms so that you have a new form ready to go with just a few simple clicks.
  6. Update Member Information – Use a PayQuiq form to update your user’s information in your customer relationship management or accounting system. Outdated information might be holding you back from reaching your users about important dates and events.  Use a form to request updated address, phone number, email and family details.  Once you receive this information you can run a form data report and export the data to an excel to double check the information against what you have posted.
We hope that this list helps refresh your PayQuiq forms and database.  Please let us know if you are in need of a refresher training session or if you would like to talk about adding email billing statements or learn about pre-filled forms.
-The PayQuiq Team