At PayQuiq we know engaging your busy donors or users can sometimes take creativity and new ideas. The most important task for the organizations administration is to be able to get in front of your users for meaningful events, religious services, discussions on current events, or events to help raise money for the organization. Introducing StreamSpot, an all-inclusive streaming solution designed with simplicity in mind. Whether you are streaming for the first time or are a veteran broadcaster, StreamSpot provides everything you need to deliver high-quality live and on-demand broadcasts to any Internet connected device.

Our main goal at PayQuiq is to help you interact with your users as seamlessly, quickly and efficiently as possible.  When we first met the team at StreamSpot we knew right away that this could be a huge value add for our customers. StreamSpot will allow your members to be a part of the organization even when they can not physically make it to events, it will allow supporters to virtually attend events from afar and will help keep users in-tune with the organization in this virtual day and age.  With PayQuiq and StreamSpot working together we can even add a button to the live streaming page so users can make a donation to the organization while watching a live service or event.

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